Proven ability to execute and deliver results

Montcrest targets assets with potential upside that can be unlocked through active management or development, providing our partners with real estate ownership solutions.

We collaborate with institutional as well as private equity investors seeking opportunities to invest in high-quality investment products.

We provide our partners with premium risk-adjusted returns through our unique investments and proven value-creation strategies.
A multi-storey building with Altea Active fitness facility in Toronto

We take you beyond traditional investments

Montcrest pursues diverse investment opportunities, offering our partners a comprehensive solution for allocating capital across asset classes and operating businesses.

How we do business

Our strategic partnerships with best-in-class providers, consultants, and advisors enable us to deliver results.


We tap into our strategic Canadian relationships to uncover investment opportunities.

Our approach emphasizes off-market transactions to achieve the return expectations of our partners.


We assess every opportunity based on suitability, risk, and scalability and perform due diligence.

We ensure proper alignment and use our expertise to optimize the capital stack by sourcing the right mix of debt and equity to maximize returns with efficiency.


We administer, manage, and execute all projects internally to ensure maximum opportunity with optimized resources.

Our external service partners are strategically selected for their aptitude and commitment to deliver exceptional results. We offer institutional-level reporting and maintain governance measures to ensure transparency and accountability in all our operations.


Upon realization of the business plan, Montcrest will exit the investment and provide returns to our partners.

We specialize in diverse property investments

In addition to traditional real estate development projects, Montcrest’s distinct advantage is our willingness and desire to invest in operating entities with significant real estate opportunities.


Our residential focus consists of townhouses, mid and high-rise condominiums, and mixed-use developments in the Greater Toronto Area.


Montcrest develops and manages prime industrial properties in the Greater Toronto Area an area with limited supply and availability.


Montcrest is an experienced self-storage developer through its management of a portfolio of various properties across the Greater Toronto Area.


Montcrest invests in various commercial assets, including retail plazas, film studios, and fitness facilities throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

On Track to Success

We are charting a legacy of strategic growth.
Assets under management and development
Square feet under management and development
Equity invested
Transactions completed

At Montcrest, our partners can take advantage of our value-driven investment approach

True partner with aligned interests

Our approach involves being a true partner in every deal we undertake. We invest our own capital into projects, ensuring we are aligned with our partners, prioritizing profitable returns over business or portfolio growth.

Own various asset classes with ease

Montcrest pursues investment opportunities across diverse areas empowering our partners to allocate capital in various asset classes and operating ventures. Our partners can access top-quality investment options at an achievable price through our services.

Get institutional-level reporting

Our investment opportunities come with institutional-level reporting, and we have established proper governance measures.

Experienced Management Team

A team with extensive, specialized knowledge, execution experience and proven track record.

Proprietary Sourcing Network

We proactively leverage our network to source off-market opportunities. This gives us access to transactions in fragmented asset classes and generates deal flow.

In-house Planning Expertise

We have an experienced, in-house development team to manage consultants and oversee entitlement. This ensures that we optimize the planning and application process for our development projects.

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